Watch the JESUS Film

Watch The JESUS Film

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This moving account of the life of Jesus gives an amazingly authentic portrayal of one of the most influential and captivating figures in all of human history, Jesus of Nazareth.

Producer John Heyman has created a film so true-to-life you will feel like you are in first-century Palestine. JESUS was filmed on location in Israel, using script taken directly from the Gospel of Luke.

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Testimonies of Viewers of The JESUS Film:

“The power of the Lord is in my life,” said the viewer in Haiti. “Before I accepted Jesus Christ, I smoked, drank, and gambled. I would take unnecessary risks with my life. Now I have peace in my life and am confident the Lord is working in me.”

“My wife died giving birth,” said Aurelio in Cuba. “I worked in the field and spent my life raising my children. Now I am 73, the children are all grown and have made their lives, leaving me alone. I felt this way when I was invited to see the JESUS Film. Jesus’ love made an impact in my life. I realized God has so much to offer me through His Son. I accepted Him as my Savior. I thank God for what He’s doing in my life. God bless you.”

“Burn the items we use for witchcraft,” said Mr. and Mrs. Mweepe in Zambia. “Following the JESUS Film presentation, the Mweepe’s approached us asking for prayer. They said, ‘Pray for us, we are living in darkness.’ They explained they used witchcraft in order to catch more fish than others. They requested we go to their home and burn the items. We prayed with them for several hours as they committed their lives to Jesus.”

“I wasted my time,” said the viewer in Haiti. “I spent my time drinking and going to night clubs. I am a new person because of the incomparable grace of the Lord. Jesus is my Savior. He gave me eternal life. Thank you.”

“I thank God for the JESUS Film,” said Raquel in Uruguay. “This month, nine young people and several adults received Jesus as their personal Savior. We are meeting in the home of Ana. Her mother came to know the Lord as her Savior at a JESUS Film showing. She dedicated her home as a place for worship! God willing, we hope to organize a new church in this neighborhood.”

“I resented God”, said the viewer in Mexico. “I was filled with sadness because of losing my son to drugs. I was mad at God. Watching the JESUS Film, allowed me to see the love God has for me. I saw Christ die for my sins. I received Jesus as my personal Savior. I am happy serving the Lord and taking discipleship classes. My life has changed completely and I work with other people who also believe in Jesus.”

“I lived apart from God,” said Nelida in Peru. “I am 55 years old and one day my son invited me to watch the JESUS Film. I was touched by the Lord and encouraged by Pastor Martha to follow Him. I am following and serving the Lord. I am happy because I was able to help my niece come to a relationship with Christ!”

“I looked for ways to harm my competitors,” said Koffi in Togo. “I am an electrician with a family. I was born a nature worshiper. I saw the JESUS Film and realized I was washed with the precious blood of Jesus. I walk with Him and give Him thanks for my life. I no longer spend my time looking for ways to get ahead or harm others. I serve the Lord and my church.”


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